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Four Skin Care Tips for Microneedling Recovery

Dr. Jeffrey Hsu05/20/2023

Microneedling recovery may involve some redness and swelling, but side effects can be managed at home. Ask about our helpful skin care tips today.


Increase the Size of Your Breasts with Breast Enhancement Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey Hsu04/22/2023

Breast implants and fat grafting techniques provide more fullness to your breasts. Read about breast enhancement and how cosmetic surgery works here.


How Can I Get Rid of My Receding Chin Without Surgery?

Dr. Jeffrey Hsu03/17/2023

Dermal fillers provide jawline enhancement if you have a recessed chin. Read about chin augmentation and how this treatment defines your features.


What is Ozempic Face? What is the treatment for Ozempic Face?

Dr. Jeffrey Hsu02/28/2023

The Ozempic face is characterized by sagging skin and face hollowing, leaving you looking much older and tired.


How Serious Are Vascular Lesions?

Dr. Jeffrey Hsu02/27/2023

Spider veins and varicose veins may cause problems with your appearance and health. See how we treat vascular lesions through sclerotherapy and more.


Can Hyperpigmentation Treatment Help Me Achieve Clear Skin?

Dr. Jeffrey Hsu01/22/2023

Hyperpigmentation treatments via the Alma Harmony XL PRO laser system can help many patients enjoy clearer skin in just a few sessions.


What Can a Chemical Peel do for Your Skin?

Dr. Ashish Bhatia12/19/2022

Chemical peels exfoliate the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. Learn about this skin rejuvenation treatment and how it works.


Reduce Unwanted Chin Fat Without Surgery

Dr. Ashish Bhatia11/20/2022

Do you have a double chin that makes you feel self-conscious? Read about KYBELLA injections and how this minimally invasive form of fat removal works.


What Facial Concerns Are Addressed During Facelift Surgery?

Dr. Joseph L. Daw Jr.10/17/2022

Facelift surgery can manage areas with volume loss, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Learn more about this procedure and how we create stunning results.


What Causes Eczema to Spread?

Dr. Jeffrey Hsu09/23/2022

Eczema symptoms like itchy, red, and inflamed skin can derail your life. Our dermatologist describes how to prevent atopic dermatitis from spreading.


What's the Deal with LED Masks for At-Home Use?


Oak Dermatology experts weigh in on LED Face masks for at-home use. They discuss what they are, if they're effective and what Oak Derm has.


Is it a Rash or Monkeypox?


Find out all you need to know about monkeypox with Oak Dermatology.


Ready, Set, Glow! Discover The DiamondGlow™ Difference for Rejuvenated Skin


Get a closer look at how this unique treatment uses diamonds and custom infusions to refresh and revitalize your skin at Oak Dermatology.


A Closer Look at How the Laser Genesis Can Improve Your Skin’s Appearance


Explore how you can get radiant, younger-looking skin with this revolutionary laser treatment at Oak Dermatology.


Looking to Minimize Signs of Aging? Consider Skin Resurfacing Treatment


Aging skin, wrinkles, and sun damage? Consider treating your skin with Oak Dermatology’s Sciton HALO and Forever Young BBL laser treatments.


Choosing the Right Provider for Your Cosmetic Procedure


A guide from the experts at Oak Dermatology on choosing the right provider for cosmetic procedures.


Eczema: What It Is, Why You May Have It, and Treatment Options


Oak Dermatology’s dermatologists in Itasca, Joliet, and Naperville can diagnose eczema and provide custom treatment options for adults and children.


Are Lip Fillers Right for Me?


Lip fillers are a great solution to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the mouth, improve volume, and define your lip shape.


truSculpt® iD: Explore the Solution for Non-Invasive Fat Reduction


Are you looking to get rid of stubborn, unwanted fat that just won’t go away despite your best efforts? Consider truSculpt® ID.


What is Psoriasis? A Closer Look at This Condition


Skincare experts at Oak Dermatology take a closer look at what psoriasis is, why you might have it, and potential treatment options.

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