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What are Cysts?

Cysts are sacs filled with liquid, pus, or other substances. They can vary in size from tiny to very large and can occur almost anywhere in the body. Cysts form due to a variety of reasons, such as an infection, clogged sebaceous glands, chronic inflammatory conditions, or even genetic factors.

How is a Cyst Treated?

Treatment for cysts may vary depending on the location, size, and symptoms. In some cases, no treatment is required if the cysts are small and asymptomatic. However, if treatment is necessary due to discomfort, infection, or size, options include drainage, surgical removal, and oral or injectable medication. At Oak Dermatology, our team of medical experts can manage various cystic conditions, providing the care to address the patient's needs.

After trying to get rid of my acne with over the counter products I decided to try going to a dermatologist. They got me on a routine and my acne is significantly better since I have stuck to it daily.

R. Google

Staff is friendly and helpful. Stephanie Tracey is personable and takes her time during visits.

S.M. Google

Had an excellent first experience with Oak Derm today. I was seen by NP Emily Schnurstein for facial flushing and hair loss. She listened carefully to all of my concerns and addressed each one of them throughly. The front desk staff was also very pleasant.

J.W. Google

Most recently I have had several appointments with Dr. Jeffery Hsu for improvement on my shingles scars. They are on my face right above my eyebrow and I had been very self-conscious about it. Everyone in the office has been wonderful, friendly and professional. Dr. Hsu is highly rated in the Midwest, and I agree from my experience—from consulting with me about the scar, exploring my options, explaining everything, and performing the procedures … I was very comfortable and confident he could restore my face to what it used to be. The procedures have been quick and easy, and I am LOVING my results. He said I’d need 4-6 treatments, but so far I’ve had 2, things are already a significant improvement to where I’m able to sort of “forget” the scars are there. He’s been able to repigment the skin as well! I’m going for another treatment Wednesday and may even stop at 3 procedures, we’ll see. Very pleased with the quality of work and care. I also see Claire with Diamond glow facials to help with my milia, and she’s great and it works very well. Would highly recommend Oak Dermatology.

T.R. Google

Loved meeting Dr Hsu - he is so kind and compassionate and I am looking forward to my rosacea treatments with him! All of the staff at oak derm is fabulous!

K.M. Google


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Will a cyst go away on its own?

Certain kinds of cysts will not disappear alone. At Oak Dermatology, our dermatologists advise that you receive therapy for a cyst in order to assess the proper method to address the problem. If you are unsure of the type of cyst, it is recommended to seek medical attention when possible.

Can I remove my cyst myself?

It's not a recommended to attempt getting rid of a cyst on your own because this might increase the possibility of infection, including the reoccurrence of the cyst. To carefully remove most cysts, you need to receive treatment from a medical doctor.

When should I get treatment for a cyst?

It is advisable to seek medical treatment for a cyst when it starts to interfere with your daily activities or causes significant discomfort. There are several specific circumstances when the intervention of a healthcare provider becomes necessary:

  • The cyst is in an area that is unbearable
  • It is enlarged or hurts
  • It leads to symptoms, like itching or bleeding
  • The appearance of the cyst is distressing
Can a cyst come back after removal?

When a cyst is surgically removed, there is little possibility of the cyst recurring in the same spot, but it can come back nevertheless. The likelihood of a cyst reoccurring depends on several factors, including the type of cyst, the completeness of the initial removal, and individual healing responses. Follow-up care is crucial. Regular monitoring and adherence to post-treatment instructions can help minimize the risk of a cyst returning. If a cyst does reappear, additional treatments, possibly more extensive than the initial one, may be necessary.

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