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One in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime. Of those diagnosed, 2.5% are children and adolescents. Those are jaw-dropping statistics. Skin cancer has become an epidemic in the United States. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, over 5 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the U.S. per year, making skin cancer the most common form of cancer. The most diagnosed forms of skin cancers are:

  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Squamous cell carcinoma
  • Melanoma

Melanoma occurs less frequently than the others, but is significantly more lethal. On average, melanoma kills one person every hour in the U.S. However, skin cancers are highly curable when found in their earliest stages. This is why, at Oak Dermatology, we place the utmost importance on a yearly skin cancer exam. Since not all skin cancers look alike, and some may not have the most typical characteristics of skin cancer, it is pertinent that you are screened by a board-certified dermatologist who can provide you with fast treatment and resolution should any cancerous areas arise.

During a skin exam, our skin cancer specialists will examine your entire body, including your scalp and feet. He or she may use a dermatoscope to get the closest look possible at the characteristics of any moles or spots that may look suspicious. A dermatoscope can also magnify pigmentary patterns. If any further suspicious areas or growths are found, your provider may proceed to perform a quick and painless biopsy in order to look at the skin under a microscope to see the exact composition of the suspicious lesion. The physicians and providers at Oak Dermatology have treated thousands of skin cancers each year. Top-ranked dermatologists Dr. Jeffrey T.S. Hsu and Dr. Ashish Bhatia, are both internationally recognized experts in dermatologic surgeries, including Mohs surgeries. Both Dr. Hsu and Dr. Bhatia specialize in Mohs microscopic surgery, which offers the best cure rate and cosmetic results in the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers. Oak Dermatology also has extensive experience in post-operative treatment of any residual scars in order to achieve the best possible final result.

I have been going to Oak Dermatology since 2012, when I had my very first skin cancer. Dr. Bhatia did my Moh's surgery that time and he's been doing them ever since. Dr. Daw has done my plastic surgeries to repair the damage resulting from two cancer removals. The last few years, I have also been visiting Stephanie who periodically checks for any new cancers so she can treat them BEFORE they need surgery. I have always been treated with kindness by everyone at Oak Dermatology. For appointments, I drive 1 1/2 hours (one way) to get to their office. But, I have complete trust in their expertise so it is definitely worth it!

T.K. Google

Incredible care. Docs are highly qualified on a range of procedures. They provide a variety of options to address your concerns. Staff is attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. From skin cancer and skin care to aesthetic procedures, don't look anywhere else.

K.D. Google

My husband had a spot on his right ear that would not heal. When it became painful for him to sleep on his right side, we started looking for a dermatologist. We chose Oak Dermatology based on the 5-star rating it had from over 200 people!! We called and made TWO appointments - one for Jack and one for me - with the Itasca office, just five minutes from our home! We were given full-body scans. A biopsy of the spot on Jack’s ear showed he had basal cell carcinoma. A MOHS procedure revealed how much the cancer had spread. The ear repair was complicated by the fact that Jack has a cochlear implant. At every step of our journey, we have been treated by capable, caring doctors and staff. Thank you Dr. Al-Hadidi, Dr. Bhatia, and Dr. Daw. Thank you Cynthia, Georgia, Chelsea, Kaitlin and Jake. We feel so lucky that we found Oak Dermatology!

J.V. Google

Dr.Ashish Bhatia and his team removed some skin cancer lesions off my chest and side of my head. Everyone was very knowledgeable, gentle, and thorough. Thank you Oak Dermatolgy.

M.C. Google

I’ve found the best dermatology office in IL - it’s Oak Dermatology! Hannah is a life saver for my skin - diamond glow is where it’s at and her recs for products was on point! Rachel is amazing for botox and fillers - gentle, no bruising and an artist! Also consulted with Dr. Hsu for my acne scarring and not only was he on time but he was thorough (explained the available procedures - benefits, risks, downtime etc) and has excellent bed side manner. Referred my boyfriend to Oak Dermatology for a skin cancer exam and he was so happy with the service he received as well. I love this place! If you need a dermatologist or any type of cosmetic or aesthetic treatment you should book your appointment at Oak Dermatology ASAP! A+++++

M.B. Google


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Oak Dermatology’s expansive facility in Naperville, IL includes an in-house, state-of-the-art pathology lab. Skin tissue samples are immediately processed and accessed on-premise to ensure accuracy and fast delivery of test results. Follow this link for a comprehensive guide to skin cancer information. To schedule a skin exam for you or your family memberships at our Naperville, IL or other dermatology offices, book now.

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