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As an individual ages or if they lose a tremendous amount of weight, they may lose their overall shape and volume in various body parts. At Oak Dermatology in Naperville, Itasca, and Joliet, IL, we have an innovative method to restore lost volume through an advanced cosmetic technique known as a fat transfer. This treatment takes fat from one or more areas of the body and transfers it into another area that could benefit from additional volume. Fat transfer procedures can be used on large areas, such as the breasts or buttocks, or on delicate facial features, such as the laugh lines, lips, cheeks, or under the eye. Fat grafting and transfers are often chosen when an individual desires a natural enhancement rather than having fillers or implants. Known to be at the forefront of laser medicine, Dr. Jeffrey T.S. Hsu, was one of the chief investigators that contributed to the clinical studies of the Beautifill® by Alma. He is often time found lecturing other physicians both nationally and internationally on autologous fat transfer methods. While fat transfer may be readily available in clinics in the US, the viability of the fat staying in place has been a major issue. Through clinical studies, the Beautifill, has the highest fat viability results, at greater than 95%.

By using your body's own fat and BeautiFill, we can harvest fat cells from a donor area of your body and transfer them into other parts of the face or body that need more volume. Since it's from your own body, this is an all-natural process. During a fat transfer, the patient is placed under anesthesia. The exact type of anesthesia or numbing method will be based on the amount of fat tissue to be harvested and where it will be introduced. To begin, we will insert the BeautiFill wand, which will emit laser technology to break up and suction out the fat. As the fat enters the designated extraction chamber, it is promptly processed to transfer the fat. The purified fat is then placed in a syringe and injected into the desired area to achieve greater fullness.

Keep in mind that two different areas of the body require healing: the liposuction area and the injection sites. The recovery process may last longer if a larger area of the body was addressed. For example, a fat transfer for the lips typically needs a 1 – 2-day healing period whereas a transfer to a more vast body part, such as the butt or breasts, takes many more days. Areas will appear swollen and red, but the outcomes can be noticed almost immediately.

Besides appearing slimmer where the fat was extracted, the surgical procedure also yields no noticeable scarring and long-lasting results. However, there may be some resorption back to the body over time. Some patients may need an additional transfer later on.

Had my first visit yesterday with Dr. Tracey for a full skin check and I can’t say enough good things! Clean, beautiful facility. Hardly had to wait which is always a plus with doctors. Front desk was really kind. Dr. Tracey was awesome, took the time to answer questions about my concerns and wasn’t quick to just write me a script and send me on my way- she gave me options for solutions the problems I had, was honest about treatment and explained things thoroughly. She also complimented my tattoos which I loved, so many doctors are stuffy white coats and she wasn’t lol. Excellent bedside manner. Definitely will be back!

M. Google

Very friendly and accommodating. Listened to what I had to say. Even though they couldn't help me,they referred me to someone who could.

M.P. Google

Very nice visit - everyone made me feel welcome. The front desk team is helpful and patient and taught me something about my phone! Rachel is awesome as well as Emily. I am extremely happy to have found Oak Dermatology in Naperville at City Gate Center.

S. Google

From the time I entered the facility, I felt welcomed. A young lady held the door for me with a smile and when I got to see the doctor, the same young lady greeted me again with an another awesome smile 😊. The front desk staff greeted me with a warm smile and was very helpful with everything being my first visit. The awesome doctor who took care of me, was very resourceful and explained everything so I understood clearly and gave me several different options before making a decision. Great staff and would gladly recommend Oak Dermatology.

R.C. Google

Friendly, efficient knowledgeable staff-top notch experience

J.C. Google


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For fuller lips or to soften hollow areas or lines, let nature take a new course with a fat transfer and BeautiFill. Fat transfer is a natural alternative for cosmetic enhancement and can help you achieve the look you desire without having to undergo invasive surgery with a lengthy downtime. We invite you to call our staff to schedule your consultation at Oak Dermatology.

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