Brown Patches & Spots from Laser Burns (Asian Skin) Treatment in Naperville, IL

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This patient came to Oak Dermatology in Naperville, IL, after suffering skin burns from a poorly done laser treatment at another practice. She had dark patches as a result of the burns on her forehead that has been there for over a year, and worsens when she goes into the sun. Because of her skin type (Asian skin), our medical aesthetician had prescribed a short series of deep chemical peels designed to target deep pigments and to repair the skin, to rid her pigmentation. This is after two treatments. The result achieved is as expected with her discoloration permanently gone. This patient was further put on a skin health restorative medical skin care regimen following the direction of Dr. Jeffrey T.S. Hsu, whose unique 360 approach to restoring the skin's health has prevented the reoccurrence of her dark patches despite sun exposure. To date, hyperpigmentation has never returned.

chemical peel for laser burn



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