What's the Deal with LED Masks for At-Home Use?


Oak Dermatology Skincare Specialists Explain

Oak Dermatology Skincare Specialists ExplainA major beauty trend right now is LED face masks. But what are they? And are they safe? The skincare experts at Oak Dermatology weigh in on this trend.

What are LED Facemasks?

LED masks use a combination of blue and red LED diodes to treat both acne and aging concerns at once.

The red LED lights stimulate collagen production deep within the dermis while the blue LED lights produce an antimicrobial effect that kills the bacteria on the skin’s surface. Both lights help soothe inflammation and can help with aesthetic and medical skin concerns.

Are they actually safe for at-home use?

Before these masks became available for at-home use, LED treatments were primarily available at dermatologists’ offices.

With the discretion of a trained professional, these devices can be used on high settings and can be tailored to patients’ specific needs. Also, the use of these devices requires proper eye protection–something a medical professional should always provide, since prolonged exposure to blue or red light can damage the eyes. So, unless an at-home user has the correct eye protection handy, the mask could cause irreversible damage. On the other hand, some at-home LED masks are underpowered and may not deliver results.

So, before you go online to purchase an at-home LED mask, consider this-- it may be difficult to find a mask that provides medical-grade results and is ideal for an at-home setting. Do your research on FDA-approved devices. But remember, your dermatologist is a professional in this field and can give you the best options for your personalized skin concerns.

Does oak derm have led face masks?

No, Oak Derm does not have LED face masks because they aren't as effective as the 20+ lasers we do have!

With over 20 lasers, Oak Dermatology has more lasers than most medical offices or medspas. We pride ourselves for being on the cutting edge; we are often the first clinic in Illinois, if not the entire country, to have the newest laser technologies available.

If you are looking for laser treatments that deliver clinical results, schedule a consultation with a skincare specialist at Oak Dermatology. Our doctors are board-certified dermatologists with additional fellowship training in lasers. They serve as advisors and international trainers for major laser companies and will provide additional insight and experience not available elsewhere.

Oak Dermatology offers treatments at our 3 convenient locations in Naperville, Itasca, and Joliet.

If you want real, safe and clinically proven laser treatment results, call us today.

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Oak Dermatology has over 20 lasers, more than most medical practices and medspas.

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